The Problem of Common Sense

After having read the article and gathering some of my notes I was taking I can conclude that Kumashiro views common sense as a sort of normal condition or status quo way of thinking in the context of education. With his American upbringing his notion of education is seen as oppressive to less privileged and marginalized peoples and he strives for students, teachers and staff to challenge the existing methods of teaching in America (the west) as the ‘best’ or ‘superior’ way. Common sense to someone can be a misplaced set of rules that have just always persisted. He then lays a foundation to stress the importance of teaching in an anti-oppressive manner which breaks apart the common sense surrounding education systems.

Common sense is then important to pay attention to because of possible inherent prescriptions or values that would otherwise be deemed oppressive to a set of people or demographics. His trip to Nepal is an example of his ideas of education being superior to the Nepali education system. He was wanting to use his own cultures education system because to him it was common sense and the way it ‘should’ be and therefore pushed onto others not used to it. Advocating an alternative approach through the means of anti-oppression is the core means by which he wants teachers to instruct and attempt the resist the notion that anything is ‘common sense’.

3 thoughts on “The Problem of Common Sense

  1. I definitely agree that the American common sense is seen as most important and that all other sections should embrace their common sense. That idea does not seem reasonable because everyone has their own way of doing things and not recognizing that oppresses that ability to live by who we are. Have you ever been in the situation where someone else has made their common sense ideas seem powerful over your own?
    Thank you for sharing!


    1. Thanks for the comment Cassidy. I can’t think off the top of my head when I had to be powerless in a situation. I am the type that would challenge the common sense ideas of I did not agree with them if that situation did arise. Thanks again.


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