Additional issues regarding commonsense – Shiro

What does it mean to be a ‘good’ student?

In short … conform to societies desires for you to sit and learn and to speak when spoken to.

What students are privileged by being ‘good’?

Students that are otherwise benefited, likely unknowingly, by maintaining the current learning and teaching methods. Those marginalized would be of differing sexual orientations, genders with gender behaviors, people with different cultural traditions and race.

What is impossible to see/ understand/ believe because of the ideas presented?

If everyone conforms to be a ‘good’ student then no one will question the ways in which they learn, challenge stereotypes, or more importantly the status quo. Providing understanding that is conducive to that of oppression and possibly unsettling feelings about critical theories about society are better then just building up fluffy things they already know.

One thought on “Additional issues regarding commonsense – Shiro

  1. I agree that the stereotypical “good” student is one that conforms and this is the expectation in school (and society). How do we as teachers create an environment that is inclusive of all types of students? We do have limited time and resources so this is certainly a challenge to devote time and energy to the “difficult” students.


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