Memories of bias

Based on my upbringing in the the Regina Catholic School system, the question of ‘how to read the world’ is usually entrenched into the students early on. As with most things young kids are definitely impressionable and those bias that exist can manifest into those young minds. Those kid can then exert those bias onto other, which if they are their own peer(s), then they are reflected back and reinforced to continue.

I have a large science background and in high school I attended many a class based on some scientific subjects (ie. biology or chemistry). Bias in the form of western scientific thought through the English language is the only means of curriculum transmission. No thought of other ways of knowing or passing knowledge. This is especially true on the near complete lack of Indigenous content during my high school experience.

For a long time, up till recently, new courses I am involved with have brought out a different way of understanding how people can learn and teach. As a BEAD student I never before had thought of differing teaching methods or methodologies and finding out the inner workings of the craft has shed some appropriate light on the subject matter.

My bias are clear. I have a bias in favor of the methods I was taught growing up in high school. Getting away from a transmission focus-based teaching and adding other competencies into science can be a initial step towards bettering my practice of teaching. Interfacing Indigenous content where possible can also be a significant step as its incorporation I find is lacking. Treaty education helps and benefits all people and striving to teach towards reconciliation is key. Something I was not taught but am eager to teach.

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