ECS 110 Journal 1: Making Connections

My task this week is to chose a passage/ story to connect with and that is what I will attempt to do right now.

Throughout my educations classes (I only started last year) I had always heard about the ‘Earth is on the back of a turtle’ sort of creation story. I have seen it at the museum seen art with it and what not but had never sat down and actually hear why that all is. This story about Charm and her bringing to world into being resonates with me because it is in some parallel with the creation story of Christianity. The author would point this out later in the excerpt from his chapter but in that moment and having been raised Catholic (but am no longer) I saw how desirable this creation story is to that of the Genesis in the Bible/ Old Testament.

The concepts of cooperation as the author describes between Charm, her twins and the animals are better for a creation story then God making everything leading to the banishment later on.

Now having heard the creation story associated with the turtle and Charm I can help elucidate many others to its true meaning and again tell the story of the ‘Woman Who Fell From The Sky’ so that those people would not be confused as to its meaning.

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