ECS 110 Journal 2: What is Home?

To many home is a personal and near-and-dear aspect that can have positive and negative emotions tied to it. For me the thought of home is largely positive.

What I consider to be home is the City of Regina. It may not look like much but to me it is the place I went to school for my whole life, where my immediate family is located, and where my girlfriend lives along with my friends, and where the weather can over weekend shift by 30 degrees in either direction for better or for worse. If all of these feelings and appreciations were gone then this ‘home’ would be shell of its former self.

A particular story would involve me getting my long-time part-time job way back in 2010. Being hired for retail work at the end of high school was common for kids my age and often times me and some of my peers would work at the same company. Over time however, there was a demographic change in the city which you could tell by the workers in some of these companies like the one I worked at. Regina has become more multi-cultural which is a good thing to me because I make friends, in some situations, very easily. To this day I have a very good friend who happens to be from India because he was hired to work at the same company I was at and that is in part to Regina/ Canada changing immigration. This is one way in which my home has changed for the better.

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