Class Stereotyping

In a large part, I have learned of my socioeconomic status over time. Being of the middle-class I always knew that both of my parents worked to meet ends meet for our daily expenses. Throughout my life I have stereotyped people to some degree if they had not worked or have been out on the street. I was one of those student like in Gorski (2012) that believed they were ‘lazy’ or ‘did not want to work’ without any nuance on my behalf. I never looked into why people were in the situations they found themselves in.

Over time I began to realize that there are certain barriers that hold people back which is usually educational or some sort of job entry barrier like have a clean record when they have a possession charge some decades ago. That of course does not apply to all and there are some individuals that like to live off the system but I would like to think people are good-willed and would like to get themselves out of low economic status or poverty.

As a intern at Scott I worked with plenty of kids that come from a middle to low economic situation. For various reasons some of the students did not perform well in the class and so it is important that if a teacher find themselves in this situation they have to adjust to meet the needs of all of their students.

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