ECS 350 Blog

The inquiry theory that I most encountered during my pre-internship block was that of cooperative learning. Although I did experience some of every other theory to a degree I felt this one hit home the most. Most of lessons did involve some form of group work but the students drove past the extent of what I planned for. I only sometimes felt like some of the students were abusing the groups they were in (i.e. copying). Most of the time it just naturally fell into place and often times it worked quite well. By allowing the students to bounce ideas and options off their group members they can achieve a better understanding of the content (chemistry). Since the students were naturally inclined to form groups to understand better it would have been hard to police them and I would have turned into the ‘bad guy’. Each and everyone of them knows that tests are done on an individual basis but working towards an understanding should be group-based if that student so chooses. Moving into internship I will emphasis group work for cooperative learning so that my students, at that time, will reach their full potential.